Sneaky Cousin Sex ASMR

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1,455 5.0
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Gahdric Feb 28

I'm gonna get this soon!

Ok hun!

Csrbv4 May 7
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Wow, kind of makes me want a cousin like Slutty Spice, but it turns out I don't have to become a pariah in my family because, she has created this video.
Her ability to make you feel like you are actually in the moment with your super hot cousin makes this video a must buy for any fan of Slutty Spice!

badgod76 Mar 19
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The soft whispers throughout this video are a big part of what makes it as incredible as it is. They draw you into the fantasy that the two of you are doing your best not to get caught by other members of your family and that sense of impending danger heightens the entire situation.

The transition over the course of the video from "No, we can't" to "Let me do this..." also intensifies the realism, as the social norms fall to the wayside and the raw, biological urges take over. You can almost pinpoint the moment when she switches from resisting temptation to giving over to it entirely and then pushing it further and further as she sees how far she can take it. The switch from coy denial to cock-hunger is gradual and masterfully acted out.

Overall, the video is incredibly immersive with the way it draws you into the storyline.

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Well, if you've ever wondered what this would be like - wonder no more. Be prepared to take a journey down the rabbit hole because is as real as it gets without actually trying to get some action from your cousin. Once again Slutty Spice is convincing in this role and her performance is top notch. Why haven't you clicked buy yet?


You're up north with your family at the family cabin, it's been a week so far and you're already feeling antsy. You and your cousin have always had sort of a flirty back and forth so you start thinking... You sneak into her room at night while everyone else is in bed and tell her that you can't go to bed because you're super horny, and have a raging boner that just won't go away. At first she's not into it, teasing you and calling you a perv. She tells you to get lost and go take care of your "problem" elsewhere so she can go back to bed. She slowly seems to get into it, showing you her tits and ass to help you out. Once she sees how big and hard your cock is she starts to admit that she's pretty horny too... maybe you guys can just masturbate together. Not a big deal right? One thing leads to another until eventually she's sucking and fucking your big cock until you cum all over her tits. Includes: Cousin, taboo, teasing, whisper, ASMR, quiet, sneaky, family, brat, bj, riding, PAWG, roleplay, dirty talk, cum on tits, handjob
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