Babysitting For Mrs Hicks Full Version

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I cannot believe this! My babysitter canceled on me last minute. I thought I was going to have to call out of work but a friend stepped up in my time of need. He stayed all day and had everything taken care of for me when I got home. I asked him to stay just a little longer so I could shower and wash myself. While lathering up my body in my glass walled shower, my friend decides to snoop on me. He creeps into my room, cracks open my door, and tip toes into the bathroom to get a closer look. He secretly watches me as I rub soap all over my tits, ass and all the other curves of my body. He is able to see the water run down my back as I rinse. I know he has the hots for me so bad! I know my babysitter was spying on me in the shower last time I had him over. This time, I plan on getting a little revenge! I come home from work and everything is fine and in order, my sitter is watching TV, I decide to confront him about his spying. He admits he has always had a crush on me and just couldn’t help himself. I remind him that Mr. Hicks could have caught him and he vows to keep his horny urges under control in the future. Well, we will see about that when I make him an offer he cannot refuse. Revenge tastes so good when I get to watch a hot guy who has had a long time crush on me stroke his dick in my living room. Another day of work and I finally get to come home to a quiet house. Well, quiet for now, I know my babysitter is there and has everything handled. Despite the possibility that Mr. Hicks could come home any minute, my sitter has decided to take my deal of lower sitter fees in exchange for “naughty time.” He is a great sitter so I decide to give him a little more incentive to stick around. After telling him to get started stroking his cock, I slip into something a little more comfortable. I start stroking his cock as he moans with excitement! Giving him a surprise as he gets close, I let him stick his dick in between my large breasts and give him a tittyjob. If your job included handjobs and titty fucking from a hot, topless, MILF would you ever leave? After another hard day at work, I am relieved to see my trusty babysitter has everything under control. Especially because I can really use some naughty time. I ask my sitter to give me a second before inviting him back to my room where I am laid out on the bed, naked! He is a little concerned that I don’t have any lube to jerk him off with until I tell him I plan on using my mouth this time. I give him a blowjob while looking into his younger eyes, and suck his cock all the way down to the balls in a special position he requests. He cums in my mouth hard and I swallow every drop! Mr. Hicks and I have a hot date after I get home from work. Luckily I have a very reliable sitter who has no problem staying later for me. He seems a little disappointed we wont be playing but agrees to stay late. When I come home from our date, I find him snoring on our couch. Mr. Hicks was exhausted and went straight to bed but I am all worked up from our date. After waking my sitter I proposition him for some fun while Mr Hicks is in the next room. He is a little nervous but mostly turned on by my kinky suggestion. I get naked in our living room and stroke his cock. It isn’t long until I am taking him deep in my mouth. I need more though. With lube in hand, I offer him my tight pussy by climbing into his lap and riding him hard. I flip around for reverse cowgirl while he tries hard not to cum in me. Once I go down into doggy style though, it is all over.
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