SPH - First Date Small Penis Humiliation



Canadian / Palm Springs, CA
7:53 min - May 31 - .MP4 - 20.69 MB - 788x594


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You're a strong strapping guy. Totally handsome head to toe; so much going for you, yet if anyone understood the stress you go through going on first dates they would be totally surprised. You appear confident, intelligent, a great dresser, very professional and successful and yet, you are h hopelessly single and your first dates always seem to flop... except maybe not this time! Maybe this time you have finally found the right girl that can take you as you are: Big and strong, that is, except in one area of your life; one area you are actually quite pathetic, sad even - very disappointing. Download this 7 minute Small Penis Humiliation erotic audio role play of your date teasing you mercilessly yet ultimately finding maybe a reason or two to keep you around; despite everything you are lacking!
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