Panty Thief



American / Chaos
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What's that you have there? Is that a pair of my panties? I can see that you've been rummaging around in my dirty laundry again. No, don't hide away, I want to see what you do with them. You know, it's a fine line you walk when messing around with my things, especially my panties. See, you're already feeling the effects of my magick, and you're slowly falling under my complete control. You'll never be able to stop thinking about me and you'll go as far as giving me whatever I want to make me happy, all because you decided to mess around with my underthings. You know, you should really be careful when you mess around with a witch, you never know what things of hers are enchanted and you never know when you'll be completely taken by her spell. Good luck getting out of this one
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