Sallys 1st time JOE video HD

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1,371 5.0
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Jude Ryan - Top reviewer Aug 6
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Such a sweet and sexy voice, you can't help but want to cum when you hear it!

docktorisin Feb 12 2018
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another incredibly erotic effort from sally. really into this emphasis on talking and addressing the viewer with stories and vivid imagery. really makes the difference and gets me off. I hope you make many more JOE videos and continue on this direction. I'll certainly support every time

Sallys 1st time JOE video - HD 1080p 60fps Video - Sally wants to play an extra special game with you today, will you play with her? She wants you to come for her, just for her, while she talks to you and helps give you directions to come. She is very excited think about you coming and she is imagining how you are going to cum all over her giant milky tits. She tells you how badly she wants you to touch yourself while thinking of her, imagining her with you. Sally paints a beautiful picture of all the naughty things you’d do together while she sensually massages her nipples and sprays her warm sweet creamy milk all over. I’m not going to ruin the surprise but if you wanna listen to Sally talk about the things she’d do to your cock for 6 minutes this is the vid for you. ----Keywords: dirty talk front view huge boobs lingerie milk solo spraying milk squirting milk talking