Cum With Me JOI Breathy Whispering

8,436 5.0

Mary Moody

American / CA
8,436 5.0
7:56 min - Nov 02 - .MP4 - 464.29 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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jimbalaya - Top reviewer Feb 19
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Lots of O's is right! And Mary has this cool, patented eyeroll she does when she's feeling it, which is extra hot. But also I have to echo another reviewer's comments on the dirty talk. So hot, she describes a lot of what's going on with her clit and body, which is what I like to hear. And her breathing is extra hot. But Mary's face, her eyes and lips especially, are enough to cum over. I mean cum while watching them, not literally over them. Well...never mind, i'm just digging myself deeper.

luckydude21 - Top reviewer Dec 15
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Mary is so beautiful, and has the hottest dirty talk, and sexiest voice! If you ever wanted to cum with Mary this is a must buy!

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This video was absolutely amazing. Well worth it and dont regret it being my first purchase from you Mary! The video definitely did make me cum with you! lol You have such a beautiful face that is sooo full of expression! Love watching you, live or offline!

I want to help you cum, I'll even cum with you. Several orgasms and whispery dirty talk. | tags: whisper up close face orgasm face cum with me cum together joi joe jack off instruction encouragement eye rolling eyes natural blonde mary moody marymoody